made in Riotorto, Tuscany 2020

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made in Riotorto, Tuscany 2020

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Born in 1992, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
Works in Bratislava, Slovakia



2007 - 2011

School of Applied Arts in Bratislava


2012 - 2016

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, (Painting in 4. Atelier, prof. Ivan Csudai, akad. mal.)


Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, (Painting in Atelier +-XXl, prof. Daniel Fischer, akad. mal.; Mgr. art. Martin Špirec, ArtD)


Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, (Painting in Atelier "Dvaja/Two", Mgr. art. Rastislav Podhorský; Mgr. art. Martin Špirec, ArtD)




When the forest breathes it does through colours.
Trees in my works do not create scenery or illusion of space. They do not fill in an empty spot in the background and it is not their aim to accompany, weaken, soften or provide balance. Exactly the opposite is true. They are supposed to be sharp, to disrupt, as they are in the forest. But there we tend to ignore them. They often remain on the periphery of our perception. They are leaked into colour stains, while every single one of them is unique. It is not possible to find two identical trees as we cannot find two identical people. That is the reason why I portray them in the similar fashion as people are portrayed. In portraits an author tries to get into the nature of an individual, while I try to comprehend trees this way. It might be naive to think that once I draw them they hand a package of knowledge over to me. Probably not. However, what is certainly familiar to me, is the softness of their branches, I know the feeling of paralysis, inability to move, but I also know the feeling of external  toughness or the feeling of taking a breath during a wild spring storm. I observe trees, I sense their bark, their wounds and also their structure. Human being is not present in my paintings, cannot cut out trees, kill animals nor do any damages. In that way it creates a safe place where I can show my soul’s uncertainties. There is a need for a shelter, a place on the Earth, where human wickedness cannot penetrate into, even if it is only in the paintings. Moreover  I am dealing with the forest’s communication, what we miss while spending some time in the forest, I am trying to capture the appearance of the forest and the forest’s otherness.

2017 Finalist in the VÚB Foundation  Painting Challenge, Slovakia
Art residencies and symposiums
2011 Art symposium in Terchová, Slovakia
2012 Art symposium in Mădăraș, Romania
2021 Micro-residency at Hájovňa - červená Studňa in Banská Štiavnica
Art Fairs and Art Festivals
2011  Transart Communication, International Performance and Intermedia Art Festival, Kino Mier, Nové Zámky, Slovakia, 19-20.nov.,
2015 Mediawave, International Film, Music and Art festival, Durvacrew art house, Dunajská Streda
2018  Art Market Budapest, Hungary, 11-14.oct., represented by DOT. Gallery
2018 Yia Art Fair, Paris Contemporary Art Show, France, 18-21.oct., represented by DOT. Gallery
books, catalogues and art magazines (selection)

Geržová, J.: Od nemej prírody k subjektu s vlastným hlasom / From voiceless nature to a subject with its own voice, Profil súčasného výtvarného umenia 1´20, ISSN: 1335-9770

Mačaj, P.: Dívať sa očami lesa (esej o tvorbe Heleny Tóthovej), Glosolália, Rodovo orientovaný časopis 4/2019, ISSN: 1338-7146

Cover & Illustrations: Vertigo 1-2/2021, Časopis o poézii a básnikoch,  ISSN 1339-3820

Cover & Illustrations: Veršeonline, Zošity súčasnej poézie - Vertigo, Mihalkovič/Nespavosť, ISBN 978-80-89763-73-3

Solo Exhibitions:
2011   "BIRDS", Kultúrny dom, Trstice, (Slovakia)
2013   "Metálfoltozat", Msks, Dunajská Streda, (Slovakia)
2015   CompanyArt, Bratislava, (Slovakia)
2015   "Meet me by the river", Kaleidoszkóp Ház, Esztergom, (Hungary)
2016   "Meet God by the River", DOT. Contemporary  Art Gallery, Bratislava, (Slovakia)
2016   "Hibiscus Horcrux", Art Café, Banská Štiavnica, (Slovakia)
2017 "The speaking fingers of Trees/Hovoriace prsty stromov". DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

2018 "Byť lesom/To be a forest", Atelier Xlll, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

2021 "Dych lesa/The forest´s breath", Galéria 19, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

2021 "Nekonečný strom/The Endless Tree", Turčianska Galéria v Martine, (Slovakia)



Group Exhibitions:

2009 Banská Štiavnica, Cinema Akademik - (Slovakia)       
2010 Cinema Akademik, Banská Štiavnica - (Slovakia)
2012 "Výtvarné Spektrum", Museum of Zitny Ostrov, Dunajská Streda (Slovakia)
2013  Gallery Dunaj "Galéria~ Presents", Bratislava, (Slovakia) 
2015  cseh & tóth - Museum of Zitny Ostrov (Slovakia)
2015  Mediawave 15 in Durvacrew art house, Dunajská Streda (Slovakia)
2016 "Doteraz, DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia)

2016 „DOT. 2016.“, DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

2017 „Winter Selection 6´“, Flatgallery, Bratislava, (Slovakia) 

2017 "Failings before final", DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia)
2017 VUB Foundation Award for Painting for Young Artists, Nedbalka Gallery,
Bratislava (Slovakia)

2017 "Képkarácsony", NFGallery, Dunajská Streda (Slovakia)

2018 "Winter Salon", NFGallery, Dunajská Streda (Slovakia)

2019 “lv” Art Books Coffee, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

2019 “Buy now or cry later”, DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia)

2019 "Piknik", Martin Luther Church, Hainburg an der Donau (Austria)

2021 " papieri 4", Galéria 19, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

Represented in public collection 
Nedbalka Gallery, Slovakia, (Vrbické pleso, oil on canvas, 2017)


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